Airsoft is an active sport and not for the faint of heart!

Airsoft replicas often resemble real firearms but shoot small plastic 6mm BBs. Similar in nature to paintball and first person shooting video games, airsoft allows for realistic battle and tactical scenario game play. Though certainly not required, players often wear tactical loads outs which serve as protection from the impact of BBs and also help to immerse them in the fantasy aspect of the game by emulating modern military or law enforcement agencies.

It is widely believed that the sport originated in Japan and spread to the UK and beyond in the 1980’s and has had a focus on recreational use from it’s inception; though many have found that the use of airsoft replicas have a very practical application when used for military, law enforcement, or even personal firearms training and practice. At High Ground Airsoft, we encourage a safe and non-intimidating environment, with a focus on dynamic, engaging, and fast paced game play, perfect for both novice and expert level players. We have something for everyone!


Our arena is located in a high traffic area of town, right off I-45, not hidden in some scary warehouse district, making us a convenient and safe place to visit. We offer many amenities not always seen at airsoft arenas. We have air conditioning, private indoor restrooms, and plenty of staging area. Our focus is to provide you an excellent experience from the moment you walk in our doors until you leave for the night.

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