What's the minimum age to play?

All players must be 10 years old or over. Please note, that airsoft is an extreme sport that can cause minor pain or skin abrasions on impact. There may be loud noises, dimly lit areas, and large crowds. Please evaluate your individual child to make sure this is a suitable environment for them regardless of age.

I played for 3 hours, but I am having so much fun! Can I keep playing?

Of course! Just pay the difference to upgrade to the all day pass. (This applies to our Spring location only.)

Can I bring in food?


No, we do not allow outside food or beverage in our SPRING facility. We do have a stocked snack bar, as well as bottled drinks for sale. On the weekends we also have pizza available. You may bring water in a canteen, reusable bottle, or hydration pack from home. Birthday cakes or cupcakes are allowed for mini, semi private, and private parties only. All of our passes allow for reentry during time allotted, just keep your wrist band if you chose to eat elsewhere.


Yes. All players must have a signed waiver on file (if under 18 it must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.)

I filled out a waiver last time, do I have to do it again?

No, but we will need to check our database to be sure we have it on file.

I am under 18, can my parent sign my waiver from home?

Yes. Our waiver is available online, as long as you are over 10 and have a verified and signed waiver on file you can play. We do not accept or keep paper waivers on file.

I am having a party, does every player in my group have to have a waiver?

Yes. Our waiver is available online and must be filled out for each player in your party. It is the responsibility of the party host to ensure that all players have a waiver on file. Please do not print out the waiver, we do not accept or keep paper waivers on file.


What are your FPS limits?

350 FPS (feet per second) maximum as measured with a .20 bb using our in house chronograph, magazine, and ammo. We test each gun, each visit, and will tag approved guns with a small chrono tag. It is possible that a staff member will ask to see your chrono tag at any point during your visit.

How do you measure FPS?

We use a chronograph, which is a small hand-held device that measures the speed and energy of a bb as it passes through the internal sensors. We use the same chronograph, magazine, and bbs for each gun that we test to ensure consistency.

What if my gun shoots 351 FPS, will you allow it?

No. All guns must shoot 350 FPS or less (according to our chrono.) However we will fire multiple shots through our chrono to make sure the average is 350 FPS or less. We have to keep a hard FPS limit because if we allow 351 FPS why not 352 FPS etc.

Do you have to chronograph pistols?

Yes. Every gun, every time.

What about HPA guns? Are they allowed?

Yes, we do allow HPA guns. They need to meet the 350 FPS maximum and have a tournament lock, or regulator lock out. It is possible that a staff member may ask to re-chrono an HPA gun at any time.

Safety Gear

What kind of safety gear do I have to have?

Our only requirement is full face protection that covers eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth. This can be achieved with a full anzi rated face mask (similar to a paintball style mask) or with full seal anzi rated googles and a hard lower half mask.

Can I wear shooting glasses?

No. They must have a full seal around your eyes.

Can I wear a balaclava/scarf/wrap/neoprene/mouth guard on my lower face?

No. You must have a hard lower half mask. You can wear them over top if you like.

Can I wear mesh goggles?

No. Must be anzi rated full seal goggles or anzi rated full face mask.

Do you allow pyrotechnics?

No. ANY use of pyrotechnics will result in immediate expulsion from our facility.

Do you allow thunder bs?

Yes, but only when approved by referee staff during certain game play – ask your ref!

Are rubber knives/swords/axes etc allowed?

Yes, but only when approved by referee staff during certain game play – ask your ref!

Can I use my own ammo?

We only allow ammo brands that we sell in store. (For example, Elite Force, Valken, G&G.) While you do not have to buy them from us, we do carry them at a competitive price. We do not allow any lower quality/off brand bbs in the facility. Low quality bbs can easily damage guns and even injure players. They will also void warranties on quality replicas. If we don’t carry it, leave it at home!

Can I use my flashlight/laser?

Yes, but no automatic strobe functions on flash lights and avoid intentionally pointing lasers at faces.

Do you allow full auto?

No. We are a semi only facility. Three round burst is only allowed from pump action shot guns.

Do you allow shower shells?

Yes, but no nerf rockets or foam/rubber balls.

Game Play

How long are games?

Each game generally runs 6 to 10 minutes in length. You will get many games in during your visit.

What kind of games do you play?

We play many different types of games! We strive to keep games fresh and varied allowing you to experience many types of game play. A few examples: Team death match, king of the hill, capture the flag, jail break, and MANY more.

I have a game idea, what do I do?

Talk to a ref! Some of our best games have come from your ideas! Though we might not be able to play it right away, we always welcome your ideas.

Someone is cheating! What do I do?

Talk to a ref! Remember it is possible that what looks like a hit to you may in fact not be a hit. Players should not call other players hits or address them directly. Simply take a mental note of the player’s description and talk to your ref. The ref will handle it from there.

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